Tuesday, February 3, 2009

so.. i know you are dying to know if Jayedyn got her Lil' Pet Shop outfit and the answer is

It took some time alot of store Location shopping and my friend/nemesis The Seam Ripper,
but i did finish it, and she absolutely Loved it.

The hardest part was the Applique it was a chore . But thank goodness it was a pillowcase and i had bought 2 just in case Because of course i had to do it 2x's
but i do have to admit the end result was worth it and the smile of Jayedyn's face was priceless

Was Mayson's B-day Month and of course he wanted to have a Mickey Mouse outfit,
what else would my Mayson want?
he is a huge Mickey Fan

A funny story :
I had taken Mayson too so many Fabric shops he had turned into my lil Fabric Nazi !
we had to argue the fact that i indeed do not need 4 yrds of any one Fabric every single time. I think it was because that was easier for him to say then 2 yrds.
After searching many different fabrics and Letting my 2 yr old tell me yes or No
He chose his mickey fabric for his shirt The very 1st fabric he wanted LOL!
and then we got the fabric for his shorts the 3rd one he loved because mom was coaxing him ...
he loved all the bright colors, After his outfit was finished and we were trying it on to make sure it fit then the fight began he did not want to take it off and kept yelling my shirt my shirt He would walk all over and make his model pose It was adorable ... I finally got it off of him with a promise of a warm bath....

My Niece Audree had her Bday this Month also and She was having a princess party she had asked me to make her and outfit for her special day so i came up with This Princess outfit
A peasant top and easy fit pants
She loved it !
Next outfit came together with the help of daddy-
Jayedyn on a outing to walmart with Daddy, suckered him into buying this fabric .
had to do some searching for a fun pattern to do something a lil different then my normal YCMT outfits which I LOVE.....
I ended up using a McCalls pattern thanks to the discission of my daughter, it had a really cool middle that i was dieing to try so it was a pretty easy sell ... The Pattern was hard but after a few tries and some breaks and not over analysing (LOL) it worked out,
It is really hard to sew when i have other kiddos screaming .. But now i can tune out the noise .
We had a fun photo shoot and ended up taking alot of photos But this one had to be my favorite
She is growing up way to fast it is just sad!

NextOutfits were for the TwilightMom's zoo outing, A bunch of us married ,Moms who are all obsessed with Stephenie Meyers Twilight saga got together at the Hogle Zoo.
My crazy brain had convinced me to make all my kids coordinating outfits for the occassions all in one week well more like 3 days (LOL)

Khrystian's Shorts were a Leopard fabric
Logan's were a tiger Print
Camden's Shorts were a Zebra Fabric
Mayson's was a animal print short romper with Tiger pockets
Jayedyn's outfit was a StripWork Jumper with all the coordinated Animal prints.

JULY- This outfit creation was all for myself, I was attending the Breaking Dawn Release Party In Las Vegas with The TwilightMoms there.

I figured since i was gonna be there celebrating my 15 th yr wedding Anniversary why not take one day and do something Twilight re-lated
Lonnie was a good sport and he even came and hung out with us for a bit and even wore his jacob mask.
I decided that i needed a new skirt and a extremely difficult applique What was i thinking !

Not completely perfect but good enough (LOL) Here is My idea on the cover of Breaking Dawn

AUGUST- I had been asked why? By my Loving Hubby i had not made him anything? Good Question after a difficult And time consuming search for any xxxl patterns (which i now know that it is completely difficult )

I had a few more Fabrics that i fell in love with and so i had to turn them into something Fabulous for Jayedyn

Girl's Night- Mock Slumber Party with our Girls Jayedyn convinced me that i needed to make them all matching Pj's for the occasion and of course i did..

This was Jayedyn after that crazy night and there Monkeys I heard that the girl's stayed in there Jamma's all weekend ...

One night i was frustrated Nothing on tv and nothing i really wanted to do, so i sit down at my sewing machine and whip up this cute outfit for My Dog Daizie

A stripwork skirt and a halter top (LOL) it had Kitties on it ...

I was planning a trip to Forks Wa for stephenie meyer Day with the Twilightmoms and decided i needed a backpack to carry all my stuff in i was not going to lug a purse around while Hiking and such so after a bit of figuring some stuff out i came up with a pattern for exactly what i needed

I made mine and one person saw it and asked me if i would make them one and then another and then another. I ended up making 10 for forks and a few more just for custom orders .

I ended making a pretty good sum to spend in forks ... Here are a few ...

I hate it when you clip your threads on all your stuff and then you snap a few photos and what do ya know Threads!!! argh Sorry i just had to vent ...

After that i had to take a bit of a break and did not sew anything for that next month or did I ?

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  1. you made them ALL matching pj's ???? I bow before your greatness!!!