Monday, January 19, 2009

Sew, for the FUN of it! Year 2007

So i was asked to start this Blog of Of all my sewing Inspired Outfits,

I have been told that i should be selling them But i am just not that great at the selling,I am more willing to just give them away. But The Hubby is not to keen on that idea . So just this year i started an Etsy shop But i have had no sales on it as of now I made the mistake of selling them other places so if i have ever made a outfit for you or you just love something i have done Feel Free to Comment ...

I started sewing again in 2007 for our family disneyland trip and it has just taken off from there. I started thinking about what i had sewn before and i completely forgot about these....

This is the very 1st outfit i had ever sewn since home ec class in Jr High..

This is My lil ' Camden and he got to be the Scarecrow..

Then I sewed Jayedyn's Dorothy outfit and Crafted The Tin man for Khrystian

Logan was the Cowardly Lion
I was the wicked witch and Lonnie was a Flying Monkey (LOL)

Here are a few of my Disney outfits, This was our very 1st family vacation and 1st trip to disney so i was all kinds of excited as well as the kids Wendy introduced me to a sewing forum and i just took off from there,
Princess Pillow Case dress 1st sewing Outfit i had done after a couple of years.

This is a picture of the

Fabric Panel & Pattern ( NOT Too shabby i would Have to say !)

Here is What makes that Pattern all worth While, Ariel's Grotto Breakfast DisneyLand 2007

She got alot of attention with her dress.

The Minnie Inspired - I was pretty shocked Jayedyn actually Picked out the Fabric & designed how she wanted it to look..

This Dress has some serious Twirl Factor (LOL) Custom made Bow of Course

Minnie LOVED this outfit....

We were Lucky enough to attend Mickey's Halloween Treat @ DCA so i whipped up These Pirate outfits To save us about $200. My Very 1st applique ever a lil scared but overall they turned out adorable.

Jayedyn had a corset and I made her a tulle Petti for under neath.

Mickey's Halloween Treat Event Outfits , Appliqued Pirate Mickey heads Were a Huge Hit

Someone offered me $200 dollars for all of them after, Her kids were the same size and they were headed to WDW for the Pirate/Princess party....... Can you believe i turned it down, I am just a sentimental FOOL!

Mayson Had to have Mickey Heads sewn onto his shirts
Here is his Charming shirt That he had Because the Original plan was he was coming with us to Ariel's Grotto.. But ended up staying back he only wore this shirt once Right here in this picture .... It probably still fits him (LOL)

This was his favorite Outfit ! He was on a huge Mickey Kick...

Mickey Mouse Inspired With Appliqued Mickey Gloves (this outfit was very tricky i had to adjust the pattern to fit Mayson Because he was so small It still was a lil big on him) But overall a huge hit ..

Here are a few Iron on's that we did for shirts !

Here we are wearing them except Mayson & Jayedyn But she ended up changing into hers half way through the day..

This was my Iron on for The Ariel's Grotto.

I made this outfit for My sister's wedding But Jayedyn wanted to take it on our trip I had a whole spongebob theme going but did not get to finish it including My shirt..

That was all of our DisneyLand Trip outfits so on with just a few Holiday and Just because ...

The Thanksgiving Outfit -

She loved this Appliqued Turkey with a Bow And i made her a turkey Hair bow .I will have to get a close up picture and post it...

Oh where oh where has my lil turkey gone .......

Okay so here is The Xmas Outfit Jayedyn helped me make the snowman bow

It was a pretty cold,snowy day but it looked really cute with her leggings & boots

As xmas presents i made all my nieces a Outfit and We had to Include Wendy lou's Norah,




Of course Jayedyn

Norah (Utahmama's Lil Pissy Missy )

Norah was not Happy we pulled her away from Playing

They were all a lil' bit different but the same fabric was used it was alot of fun But it took a while ,This Pattern was the Stripwork jumper But not a whole lot of Twirl factor added to it because it was just going over Pants And
that finishes up The year 2007 !


  1. I've always loved that princess dress Misty! It's so pretty!

  2. I love Misty's work! She has an eye for fabrics that "go" together fabulously! I have several of her twirly dresses and they have HUGE twirlability!!!